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Relishing in “He is Risen!”

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How is it that even with Easter being later this year it still sneaks up on us? Unlike Christmas where we seem to have an entire “season” to celebrate, Easter can come and go quickly without receiving the attention it so deserves!  I find that in our family it sometimes get lost in the midst of baseball season, school projects, spring cleaning and yardwork. I find myself scrambling to get  the Resurrection Eggs out 4 days before Easter and cramming several “lessons” a day in to get finished. We rush through Easter and “check it off the list!”

Yes, my kids can recite “He is Risen” and “He rose on the 3rd day according to the scriptures” but do they really get it?  Do they really understand that the Christmas story that we give so much time to isn’t complete without the grand finale at Easter? It is because of EASTER that we have HOPE! This year my desire is  that over the next 10 days (crud, I’m already behind on the eggs!) that my family and each of yours can take time and  RELISH in the TRUTHS that the Easter account gives us.   We are praying for meaningful conversations and contemplative moments for your families as you dwell on THE STORY that changed everything. 

Grateful for each of you….Lisa

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He is Risen, Indeed!