Monthly Archives: October 2014

“Truths to GO” Lunchbox Cards

Ya’ll!!  We have TWO big announcements to make!!  No, nobody is pregnant!

First, we have an exciting new product to let ya’ll know about. We have taken 10 of our most popular placemat designs and put them in a “to go” package! This set of 10 3X5 laminated cards is sure to be a great way to share Truth with your kids even when they aren’t at home! Each card has a blank back with a border providing space for you to write a quick note of encouragement for your child. These can be put in lunch boxes, overnight bags, or even on a bathroom mirror. Littles can even play with them as bright visual flashcards to memorize Truth. The possibilities are endless. Sets come in “Boy” or “Girl” versions. Cards include Armor of God, Fruit of the Spirit, Identity in Christ and other popular designs. These make a great gift! They come tied up with tulle and include a dry erase marker and sell for $12!  We hope you make your way to the website and check them out!

Our second announcement is that we finally got our facebook issues fixed.  For years we have been blocked from sharing our website on facebook.  We have been working on getting this fixed and for the first time last night, we were able to share a link to our website!  Now you can share our site with your friends much more easily!

Start thinking about your Christmas shopping list!  Our placemats make great gifts and are super easy to ship.  We will even ship them for you with a personalized gift tag!