Attributes of God…now and through the Fall!

Sorry for the tardiness of our August post…the last in a 3-part series emphasizing one of our placemats each month of Summer!  We hope you have enjoyed learning about the Armor of God and the names of Jesus in June and July.  Please do share with us any little victories you or your kiddos had while working on these concepts.  We love REAL stories! Well, now it’s August and a mixture of emotions with summer nearing its end is upon us….sadness for the cessation of “carefree-ness”, staying in PJs, lazy days at the pool and counting swimming as “bathing”…and yet THRILLED for the institution of routine, order, and predictability that we as moms and even our children (though they might not admit) CRAVE!  School supply shopping, new backpacks and tennis shoes,  and signing up for extra curricular activities fill our August “TO DO” lists…all while trying to squeeze in that last summer playdate, one more weekend beach trip, and a few more visits to the snow cone stand.  Sooooo…..maybe this month wasn’t the best to pick to study ALL of the Attributes of God.  But, no worries…its a great time to START them!Attributes of God (Front) The Attributes of God mat was the first placemat we made and we really believe that learning these truths about God’s character are foundational to our kid’s spiritual growth.  If they KNOW that God is sovereign, they can rest in his plan. If they KNOW that God is OMNIPRESENT they understand He is always with them.  If they KNOW He is JUST they can relax when things aren’t “fair.”  And the list goes on… Understanding the essence of God will give our kids a new set of lenses through which to see God and How he interacts with the world. What if you take the next several months and choose an attribute each week to focus on? First, drill your kids learn the word and the picture/visual that goes with it so they will have it stored away in their memory. Suggestions: Have your kids draw larger versions of each symbol on typing paper and hang them in common areas around the house.  Make a memory game with the symbols and when they get a match they have to yell out that attribute.  Have them make up a hand motion/movement to remind them of each attribute. Next, make sure they understand what exactly those big attribute words mean!  Yes, 5 year olds can learn “omnipotent!”  Suggestions: Talk about certain situations that they have seen each attribute of God at work or when they have had to trust God based on one of his attributes.  Reference different Bible stories that illustrate a specific attribute. (God showed his OMNIPOTENCE when he calmed the storm.) Every time you introduce a new attribute, review the one(s) from the previous week. Repetition is the key! There are some great resources out there to enhance teaching these attributes.  I thought this one had some fantastic ideas and object lessons. So, yes, August is crazy…but what are you waiting for? Grab one more popsicle with your kids and make a plan to tackle all of the attributes in the next couple of months.  What a wonderful tool to put in their belts! Blessings to each of you and yours as you enjoy the last days of summer.  

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