Want a FUN way to raise FUNDS for your church, preschool or ministry


Tabletop Truths Fundraiser

Tabletop Truths is a collection of colorful, durable kid-friendly placemats and lunchbox cards that teach kids Biblical Truths.  Some of our most popular designs include the Creation Story, Armor of God, Fruit of the Spirit and the Names of Jesus.  We have mats for all holidays too!

Our mats are great for young families, birthday gifts, baby gifts and even classroom use!  Sooooo….selling Tabletop Truths to raise funds for your organization might just be the perfect fit…families will enjoy selling a product that they believe in and want to share!

We have thought through the details and make raising funds as simple as possible.  Here’s how it works:

  • Publicity: We provide you with PDF’s of flyers and signs to post.  We can even provide digital publicity for you to email or use on your Facebook Page and Instagram.
  • We set a date range for your fundraiser and you have several choices for how to execute!
    • Our preferred, easiest method: ONLINE ORDERING: people can order on our website within a certain date range and type in a specific code when checking out that gives your school the credit and removes shipping costs.  With this option, there is no handling of money for you!
    • If online ordering isn’t a fit, we offer “OLD SCHOOL” style: order forms (similar to school picture forms) where you pass them out, collect them with $ and send them to us.
  • Shipping/Delivery:  We will then ship (or deliver) all your orders together.  They will be individually packaged and labeled with names so you can easily distribute.  We cover the cost of shipping your order.
  • Once your fundraiser is complete, we will calculate the amount you have earned.  Your proceeds are based on the following:
    • Total order amount of 200.00-500.00 = 30% of total sales
    • Total order amount of 500.00-1000.00 = 35 % of total sales
    • Total order amount of 1000.00 or more =40 % of total sales
See, it’s EASY!  Please contact us if you are interested in setting up your Tabletop Truths Fundraiser.  Looking forward to partnering with you!