JUNE: Armor of God

Okay, so summer is here and we want to help you have some intentional time with your kids!  Let’s focus on the ARMOR OF GOD this month! 

Armor of God (Front)

(Remember you can purchase the 3 “Summer Plan” mats: Armor of God, Jesus is…, and Attributes of God through June 30 for only $6.00 each using code SUMMER.)

ARMOR of GOD (Ephesians 6:10-17) Teaching kids the Armor of God is one of our favorite lessons because it is so tangible and instantly applicable.  Here are some ideas for you…

1. Use the “Armor of God” placemat daily for the month of June to keep the truth in front of them.  Choose one piece a day (or every few days) to talk about.  Ex: Today is “Sword of the Spirit Day.” Discuss all of the different times during that day that you can/should use that particular piece of armor.  What happens if you don’t put on that piece of armor? Each new day (or every few days), choose a new piece and review the pieces you have already learned.  Keep the dialogue going throughout the day. 

2. Make your own armor!!  Let the kids creativity run wild here!  Provide posterboard, cardboard, paper plates, foil, yarn, sharpies and tape/ glue.  Let them create each piece and label it with a sharpie.  When fully decked out, talk about all of the “worldly things” they are protected from when they wear their Armor of God.  Older kids will enjoy doing this on their own and exercising creativity.  Younger kids may need more assistance (and perhaps a template) to get them going!  Then you can send them out in the backyard to “battle it out!” 🙂

3. Here is a great object lesson that shows the importance of “putting on our armor. ” It’s super easy to do and the message will stick with your kiddos for a long time!  Here is the link: Armor of God Orange object lesson.

Thankfully, we live in the world of Pinterest and Googling and with a quick search we can pull up activities, color sheets and more to use as teaching tools. But don’t get overwhelmed! The thing we want to reitterate though is that CONSISITENCY is better than COMPLEXITY.  Go over the Armor Placemat EVERY DAY this month.  Cover up the labels of each piece with your hand or with a post it note and see if your kids have memorized them.  You will be amazed how quickly they pick them up!

Over at our house we are going to have a little contest to see who can memorize the armor and the function of each piece first.  A bowling date, banana split at Dairy Queen or even $5.00 goes a long way around here!

So we have 28 days left in June…so if you focus on a new piece every 4 days your kiddos can master them!  This is a wild and crazy world our children are growing up in but if we can help ARM them with these TRUTHS they will be ready and equipped to face any challenges that come their way.  We will be praying for your families this month as you help your little soldiers ARMOR UP!  


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