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Attributes of God Placemat


Front: God is…
Back: Jesus Loves Me

(Click on the main image for a larger view of the placemat front or click on the thumbnail below it to view placemat back.)


As our “Flagship” placemat, this one may be the most dear to our hearts. One of the most fundamental things we want our kiddos to “get” is WHO GOD IS. Knowing the Bible stories is great but if they don’t understand the character of God in each story, they miss out. This mat illustrates and explains some of the most important Attributes of God. By using the big theological words with simple definitions and symbols even the youngest minds can grasp these concepts!

God is…

  • OMNISCIENT: He sees and knows everything.
  • OMNIPOTENT: He is ALL powerful.
  • OMNIPRESENT: He is Everywhere!
  • JUST: He is always fair.
  • MERCIFUL: He forgives our sins.
  • ETERNAL: He is Forever!
  • HOLY: He is perfect and clean.
  • SOVEREIGN: He is King of Everything!
  • LOVE: He gave us His Son!
  • IMMUTABLE: He never changes!
  • TRUTH: His Word is 100% true.

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