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Creation Story Placemat


Front: Creation Story
Back: Jesus Loves Me

(Click on the main image for a larger view of the placemat front or click on the thumbnail below it to view placemat back.)


One of the first Bible stories our kids usually learn early in Sunday School is how God created the world! This fun, colorful mat summarizes each day of Creation using simple pictures that kids identify with. While it is great to know the ordered days of creation, what we really hope for our children to grasp is that God loved them so much that He created them in His image and then made and gave them a beautiful world to rule over! What a Loving Creator God we serve!

Creation Story (Genesis 1-2)

  1. Light from Darkness
  2. Sky & Water
  3. Land, Trees & Flowers
  4. Sun, Moon & Stars
  5. Birds & Sea Creatures
  6. Man, Woman & Animals
  7. God Rested

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